Massage and Massage Therapy – You Don’t Need an Excuse

The modern day application of an age old therapy.

I am constantly being asked about the benefits of massage therapy and in particular, I’m asked about its effectiveness and relevance when compared to today’s cutting edge medical advances, given the fact that massage therapy is well over five thousand years old.

In response, my answer as always is to consider the fact that any therapy, cure, activity or hobby that can survive for that length of time, must deliver at least some benefits, otherwise it would go the way of every other flash in the pan fad or phase.

As a massage practitioner and recipient, I need no convincing whatsoever of the benefits of massage therapy, so if I’m asked, I’m happy to defer my own opinion in favour of that of a much higher authority on the subject, which is that of the medical community itself.

Thanks to the advances in medicine and in medical research, the five thousand year old massage therapy has now been subjected to every modern test and scrutiny, and as many of us expected, massage therapy has proven its value in spectacular style.

Massage therapy stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the most modern medical practices of our time, and as well as being a stand alone therapy in its own right, massage therapy complements beautifully, the modern advances in medicine.

To anybody who practices massage therapy, this will come as no surprise, and to be fair it’s only right and proper that any therapy linked to medicine, should be subjected to the highest scrutiny. That aside, what amazes me most is the fact that massage therapy is still considered either as purely an aid to accepted medical practice or that it is still the preserve of the affluent. It also amazes me that massage therapy is only considered as a result of a life changing event. Quite why something that is so beneficial to health and wellbeing isn’t an integral part of everyone’s life remains a mystery to me. Massage therapy need not cost the earth and the most basic massage is free and can be mastered by using the most incredible tools known to man… your own hands!

Do me a favour and don’t wait for an accident, an ailment or a mid life crisis before you discover one of life’s most accessible, time proven and life enriching activities.

To your continued, outstanding health.

Copyright (c) 2007 Sam Benton

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Therapeutic Massages For Health and Fitness

When people think of staying healthy, they usually think about exercising and taking vitamins and going to the doctor for a check up whenever possible. What most people do not realize is that superior health and fitness can be achieved simply by paying a few dollars and getting a massage.

Therapeutic massages have always been looked at as a method to make patients feel good and loosen up their bodies. Although this is true in many aspects, getting a massage can cause great improvement in the overall health and well-being of users. For example, getting a massage relaxes the body and often alleviates a lot of pain and discomfort that one may be feeling from every day strain or if someone is recovering from a recent illness or surgery. It can also relieve a lot of stress if someone has been having a rough time at work or home.

A person who gets a therapeutic massage also experiences better health and fitness through function improvement with circulatory, muscular, skeletal, nervous, and also lymphatic systems. Depending on what specific health issues the patient has, there is also a Swedish massage that is good for muscle cramps, headaches, and also back stress. Pressure Point Therapy is also another method of massaging that helps with some injuries, insomnia, anxiety, headaches and muscle tension, and also circulation problems. Sports massages for athletes also help with relaxing muscle groups used for different sports.

A licensed masseuse can help with the conditions mentioned above, as well as arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestive disorders, myofascial pain, limited range of motion, allergies, depression, sinusitis, and TMJ.

As can be seen, massages help with overall health a lot more than people realize. Not only are they relaxing and very nice to get, they promote better health throughout your body and are a big part of better health and fitness. These days, people who go to get massages are looked at as just wanting to get relaxed and relieve stress, but what critics do not realize is that in some ways, massages are better than actually going to the doctor’s office and paying way more than what is needed for treatment.

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